Hand flag pull up banner advertising scroll can show your brand, logo, company, shop well.

The Pull Up Scroll Banner is the ultimate Marketing and Promotions product, and the applications are endless. Below are just a few possibilities.

  • Sporting Events – Print the team name and logo on one side and a sponsor name and logo on the opposite side. Count how many times the Pull Up Scroll Banner is seen on TV.

  • Sporting Events – Print messages on one side like: Goal, Touchdown, Defense, Home Run, Dunk. Print a sponsor message on the other side.

  • College Football – Print the team name and colors on opposite sides (orange on one side and blue on the other side), so when the team color cheer happens, the fans can hold up their corresponding color (fans in the east stands hold up orange and fans in the west stands hold up blue).

  • NASCAR – Print a picture of a driver on one side and a sponsor name, track name or race name on the opposite side.

  • Campaigns – Print the candidate’s name and slogan on both sides. Use the Pull Up Scroll Banner during organized rally and “street corner” campaign events. After the rally, use the optional suction cups to place the Pull Up Scroll Banner in your car window.

  • High School Fundraising – Locate local businesses that will pay for the cost to produce the Pull Up Scroll Banner, and print the business name and logos on one side with the High School team name and logo on the other side. Sell the Pull Up Scroll Banner at every sporting event to raise funds.

  • Marathons – Print the race name/logo and a sponsor name/logo on one side. Print solid white on the opposite side, so friends and family of the runners can write custom inspirational messages that will be revealed along the course.

  • Maps – Use the Pull Up Scroll Banner as a map for theme parks, marathons, festivals, ski resorts and large scale events.

  • Fans Club – Use it to cheer on your idol and show support.

2 Plastic holder with 140gsm Fabric

Printing Material :  fabric

Why not poster paper ? Because paper cannot fold and keep.

Size : 24 x 70cm ( best size to show texts and logo)

Price : $18++ ( subject to change without prior notice)